Modern solutions for intelligent lockers

We see the storage unit and the locker as a multi-functional system with multiple tasks in the processes of daily life. It has more than one task, the task changes with the users and new ideas are constantly being added. In order to be able to react to these requirements, the underlying system must be just as flexible and holistically structured. That is why we rely on a uniform solution consisting of software and hardware as a basis with the highest possible inter-operability wherever customer-specific requirements have to be met.

Smart Locker at a glance

The setup and operation of an intelligent locker system requires the consideration of many aspects, from required functions to connectivity and security.

System overview

Structure, components and functionality of our Smart Locker system


Integrated processes

Overview of the processes available by default


Access control and security

Connection of smart card or company register


Specific customisations

Mapping of specific workflows, integration into the corporate image


Connection and operation

Options for online connection, linking and operation


Maximum flexibility

Integration into existing systems, retrofitting and extensions

Our solutions support the following processes

Employee lockers

NUse of personal lockers - unlocking with company ID, QR code and / or smartphone.


Goods can be ordered online and collected from the shop around the clock.

Vehicle pool

Output of vehicle documents and keys to authorised persons 24/7.

Goods issue

Goods issue to employees, suppliers and customers - at any time.

Packet station

Internal delivery of supplies to employees and departments.

Service point

Storage and intelligent dispensing of IT equipment, tools and other spare parts.

Employee to employee

Flexible deliveries from employee to employee.


Flexible issue or rental of items and work utensils.

Access control and security

We are open in managing users and offer a solution for every use case. We usually integrate the existing employee badge, but we find a way for every environment.

  • Connection to the company ID card with card reader
  • Connection of internal user authentication via API
  • User management via API through third-party systems
  • Use of cloud-based authentication by third-party providers
  • Flexible user import from CSV, XML etc.
  • Use of different workflows without authentication
  • Integrated user management as a stand-alone solution

Specific workflows

Our customisable workflows allow us to map customer-specific processes quickly and easily. Our products are constantly being developed further and we place the greatest value on solutions and workflows that have proven themselves in practice. We do not develop on the drawing board but with real processes and practical requirements. In this way, we create pragmatic and fast-to-use solutions that immediately offer added value.

Specific fields in the process, own processes for storage - no problem!


2.4/5GHz WLAN
Ethernet / LAN
Nb-IoT / LTE

24/7 Monitoring
Flexible alerts
Offline function
Local service

Fast response times
Guaranteed interference elimination
Qualified technicians
Staff training

Individual training concepts
Process consulting
Personal contact

Maximum flexibility

Thanks to our modular system, we can design expandable equipment and deliver it quickly. Our system is manufactured by various specialised partners and can be adapted and expanded according to customer-specific requirements.

By separating the physical locker from the intelligent hardware, we can also work with your supplier and ensure smooth integration into your business environment.

  • Modular system for modular equipment
  • Easy to integrate with the supplier
  • Portable service and integration concepts

Deposit & Delivery

Organise and optimise the in-house handover to your employees. Collection and return is possible around the clock and reduces the need for staffed service points. Our software provides you with various delivery options, such as deposit for pick-up, deposit with return, e.g. of defective work materials, as well as delivery by the employee to an internal department. It doesn't matter whether it's the internal parcel / in-house mail delivery, replacement equipment issue, key handover or handover to IT.


With " Marketplace" you can stock work utensils and hand them out directly to your employees. You have the possibility to add details to the individual, available utensils through pictures and description. The control of the withdrawal is done on a trust basis, weight control or RFID monitoring. Our software monitors the stock of products and optimises the processes around restocking.


Via the software module "Rental", you can offer your employees a wide range of products as self-service for rental. From notebooks, projectors and presentation cases to pool cars. The software supports the process from the start, sends reminders if necessary and controls the return processes. The integration of various service options per product ensures continuous Die Integration verschiedener Service Optionen pro Produkt sichern die kontinuierliche quality as well as coordinated use of the rental products. As an administrator, keep track of the booking calendar and utilisation statistics.


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