Our platform -
Our technological advantages

Our offers are technically based on a platform developed and operated by us, consisting of software and hardware. This gives us decisive advantages, especially through the possibilities of direct and fast customisation and through the shared, integrated know-how. Our systems are not "black boxes" but the basis for our standard applications and customised special solutions

We realised the need to integrate any other technology early on and it has become an essential part of our platform at all levels. From frontend and tablet application to specialised hardware in the cabinet, our system is designed for extensibility and so we can cover requirements where other providers have to bring in extra service providers and do not have the know-how available.

IoT development on a reliable platform basis

Fastest possible time-to-market through upgradeability instead of new development

Wide range of technology expertise in software and hardware

Scaling and rollout as an integral part of our solution

The Innovation Lab

We constantly invest in the evaluation and integration of new technologies. In our own Innovation Lab, we work on solutions for new products, be it through new types of wireless connections, reduction of energy consumption or enhancements in the field of sensor technology and monitoring.

Our team of experts together with our capabilities in circuit board manufacturing, rapid prototyping with for instance 3D printing and a network of partners from carpentry, metalworking to interior design we can quickly and efficiently design, manufacture, develop and scale prototypes for a live rollout.

Specialised hardware based on proven designs is the key for cost-efficient, scalable solutions

When you can think of it, we can build it.

Our flexible hardware and software platform enables quick and easy adaptation to new use cases and integration into existing systems. Unlike other solutions, we focus on extensibility and a high degree of integration into existing systems and situations.

Connection of special hardware, control of own APIs or connection to the company-wide authentication system - all no problem.


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