With our rental station, you can organise the flexible dispensing and rental of objects and work utensils. Payment methods such as online payment or card payment can be integrated. With our software suite, you can control the service processes in the background, e.g. automatic locking after rental, checking after return or automatic locking after time intervals.

The return can be monitored based on RFID or weight and can be carried out by the lender or by third parties. Our solutions are thus designed for all rental tasks in the B2B and B2C sectors.

Rental stations in detail

Inspired by changes in user preferences, the „share-conomy" has become the term for renting instead of buying in recent years. aJust like our solutions for parcel stations, our system supports companies in modernising and localising their rental business. Payment inclusive.

  • Autonomous set-up for flexible deployment of equipment
  • Flexible billing through mobile payment or via employee ID
  • Advanced workflows for testing equipment and collecting feedback

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